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About Wappa Berry 


Wappa Berry is an indica-leaning hybrid with smooth, relaxing effects and a universally appealing flavor profile. The strain is the creation of Bomb Squad Seeds , and is derived from a sweetly-scented variety of Skunk. Wappa's long-lasting potency has earned it accolades like Canada’s Cannabis Champs Cup in 2014 and the Euro Copa de Canarias in 2011. Wappa’s THC content has been measured at between 11% and 22%


Wappa Berry sets itself apart with large, remarkably solid flowers that hold a spadelike shape, tapering from a broad base into a sharply-pointed tip. These buds have the dense, tightly packed structure often associated with indicas. The leaves themselves are a mottled variety of dark and light green and are twisted through with hairy orange and yellow pistils. Capping off these bullet-shaped buds is a coat of amber trichomes that gives the flowers a slightly yellow glow.


Wappa Berry offers a creeper of a high, taking as long as 15 minutes before revealing the extent of its soothing effects. As users slip into this strain’s heavy high, they tend to feel a tingle around the temples are forehead. There’s also a progressive feeling of relaxation that cascades down through the spine, slowly radiating out through the core and limbs. Wappa Berry comes with some mental stimulation as well -- smokers may find themselves fixated on a single concept or jumping around in free association from one idea to the next. That said, this strain’s mindset is more conducive to creative daydreaming than to completing difficult, task-based work. Because of its smooth, easy vibes, Wappa Berry is a good way to enhance social situations, as it can provoke free-flowing conversation and camaraderie when shared with like-minded friends. Beware that Wappa has been pointed to as a culprit for dry, red eyes and cottonmouth. As the high progresses, Wappa Berry is prone to pinning smokers in place and shutting out the rest of the world. In high enough doses, this strain can even lull its sedated enthusiasts into a deep and restful sleep. It should go without saying that Wappa Berry is a strain best reserved for nighttime(and bedtime) enjoyment.


THC Content                  STRAIN AVERAGE             INDICA             EVENING STRAIN

         22%                                          20%                               60%


Wappa Berry Gelato (Photo Regular) - 5 seeds

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